1. scott11's Avatar
    got my 4s, set it up, and I have no internet connection unless im on wifi. Phone shows 3G, and I am able to make calls. Is this a ATT issue or a iphone issue?
    10-15-2011 09:43 AM
  2. ebedoun's Avatar
    I had to reboot the phone, then it went to egde only, then popped the sim out and in and now been on 3G ever since. I chalked it up to the activation issues. Took me forever to get activated last night.
    10-15-2011 10:40 AM
  3. scott11's Avatar
    i called ATT, they resent some info, not sure what. I rebooted, got the welcome ATT text again, and then everything worked.
    10-15-2011 01:18 PM