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  1. cody's Avatar
    I used my boss's upgrade eligibility to by the iPhone 4s for me. When per ordering, I choose the iPhone data plan, messaging, and what not. I am going to give him my iPhone 4 once I get the iPhone 4s activated. We are on the same business plan and I am qualified with full access to manage the account.


    1. Do I need to activated the iPhone 4s on his line of service before I activate it on mine?
    2. Is it ok to do this ESN swapping online or should I go to a corporate store?

    Thanks, Cody

    Verizon account btw
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    10-14-2011 05:33 AM
  2. Joe McG's Avatar
    Are you on AT&T? They have a page dedicated to this very topic.

    10-14-2011 05:51 AM
  3. cody's Avatar
    Are you on AT&T? They have a page dedicated to this very topic.

    Sorry, Verizon.
    10-14-2011 05:55 AM
  4. dandbj13's Avatar
    Hmmm... I'm doing the same thing on AT&T. I was told by a rep that all I had to do was swap the sims. I will double check this morning. Thanks for the link.
    10-14-2011 06:16 AM
  5. StaticFX's Avatar
    with VZ just call them up and have them switch the # for the phones... I did this with the wife. I let her take my upgrade early and it was nice and easy.
    10-14-2011 07:08 AM
  6. dandbj13's Avatar
    Just got off the phone with AT&T. You would definitely have to call them before activating. A simple sim swap is not sufficient.
    10-14-2011 07:51 AM
  7. StaticFX's Avatar
    that and that the iP4 doesnt have a sim for VZ
    10-14-2011 07:54 AM
  8. xlipstickandbruisesx's Avatar
    I am assuming it is like Sprint because they are both CDMA. You have to activate the phone on his line of service, once it is on there you can take it off and switch the phones. I don't know if Verizon has rebates but if you don't get it on the same line you probably will have to forfit that. Other than that there shouldn't be an issue. Good luck
    10-14-2011 07:57 AM
  9. MannyGeee's Avatar
    yeah, if you can pull it off I would go into the store and make all the switches there.

    I have little faith in VZWs phone reps for the more complicated switches and changes.
    10-14-2011 08:14 AM
  10. decarlo4's Avatar
    With VZW you would just need to activate the phone on the number eligible for the upgrade and then call customer service and have them switch the phones.
    10-14-2011 03:32 PM