1. Eli4S's Avatar
    Currently sitting at the sprint store and they just need to switch my number over and activate, must be hard for thrm since I've been sitting here for over an hour.

    Posted from a ****ty Motorola xoom
    10-14-2011 06:19 PM
  2. fridayxiii's Avatar
    I'm happy to say I finally got mine! UPS didn't show up until after 5p EDT, but hey, at least they got here! :o I tried three times to activate via iTunes or OTA before calling AT&T. I had a 15 minute hold time but the rep took some info from the SIM and updated my account. He told me to wait for an email, which should arrive in 1-2 hours. One hour later I plugged into my MacBook, and away we go - the restore is off & running.

    I hope those still waiting for delivery on the west coast get their soon, and activation with your respective carrier goes well. Almost time to play!!!
    10-14-2011 06:38 PM
  3. chrstdvd's Avatar
    Got mine at 2:42 via Fed Ex.
    10-14-2011 07:19 PM
  4. RagedUSMC's Avatar
    I finally have mine, and its awesome! I love Siri, but she doesn't seem to love me though!
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    10-14-2011 07:54 PM
  5. xlipstickandbruisesx's Avatar
    Got mine around 5, just now getting to start really playing with it. I am super excited
    10-14-2011 08:35 PM
  6. Gooster's Avatar
    Finally got mine a little before 7. My friend and I spent the whole day at my place waiting and waiting and making sure we saw the UPS truck since I don't have a doorbell and it's a front door and then the door to my apartment. I opened the door before the UPS guy could even knock and I know the guy so we were chattin' about how many of these he most likely delivered today.

    Set mine up but need to put music and custom tones and wallpaper and I'll be all set!

    Loving the speeds so far. So satisfied today.

    Time to edit some TiPb info!
    10-14-2011 08:50 PM
  7. SectorSixteen's Avatar
    I got my iPhone 4S!!!!!!! Black 64 GB . Its funny because with all the media coverage talking about how people were camping out and the long queues, the verizon store near my house was pretty much empty. They opened at 8AM and there were only like 5 or 6 of us that were outside at that time....and out of that number only like 3 of us were even there for an iPhone 4S, the others seemed to be getting other phones. Anyway, I've been playing with the phone all day, getting everything set up and I love it!!! So many features but I think the killer one is Siri....freakin cool. Hard to believe just 3 months ago I was a die-hard fan of the "Crackberry"....well now, its bye-bye Blackberry and hello Apple!!!
    10-14-2011 09:05 PM
  8. DeadParrot42's Avatar
    I'm one of the last people to get my iPhone 4S (32MB, black). UPS just delivered it at 7:20pm PDT. Although I suppose someone in Hawaii could be later.
    10-14-2011 09:31 PM
  9. hpcomputergeek's Avatar
    My dad got his. He loves his.
    10-14-2011 09:32 PM
  10. hpcomputergeek's Avatar
    I saw 5 people lined up at a Verizon store this morning for the phone.
    10-14-2011 09:32 PM
  11. decarlo4's Avatar
    I have it, I love it! Lovin' the white 4S after owning a black 4 for 7 months!
    I bought my mom a white iPhone 4s and myself a black one, I heard the white one is a bit bigger...after seeing hers out the box I want to take mine back and get the white one. what to do, what to do...
    10-14-2011 10:10 PM
  12. pilsbury's Avatar
    Mine came in via FedEx from Ft. Worth TX around 2 pm.
    10-14-2011 10:41 PM
  13. Justin55372011's Avatar
    Got my iphone 9:30 AM this morning Via UPS
    10-14-2011 11:15 PM
  14. saynt j's Avatar
    GOT MINE!! Second iOS device (ipad 2) ....
    10-14-2011 11:51 PM
  15. KCook3's Avatar
    Both of ours showed up around 4pm est. Got both of them up and running. Love the new phone!! Just got to get a case to protect it!!

    10-15-2011 07:04 AM
  16. NEO2126's Avatar
    Finally got mine... I though I was gonna wait for the jailbreak, but I haven't activated the SIM yet so I'm still using my old 3GS... I have a really cool iPod touch right now hah.
    One thing I wanna get out there, if you upgraded on ATT, did they tell you that you have to pay a "1 time upgrade fee"?? Well if you did have to pay that fee or will have to pay, try calling customer service and asking them to waive the charge. This suggestion was from ATT themselves!
    10-15-2011 12:04 PM
  17. organix's Avatar
    I got mine yesterday. I wanted a black one (32GB), but had to settle for white cause that's all they had.
    10-15-2011 01:38 PM
  18. scott11's Avatar
    got mine last night. UPS came about 2 later than they normally come to my house. THe guy walked up and said "looks like an iphone." I said yes it is. He said " i have been delivering these all day long." Amazing what a phone can do to the marketplace
    10-15-2011 02:50 PM
  19. 19mitch79's Avatar
    Brand new to the forum and brand new to the Iphone. I am coming from a DroidX on Verizon. I was driving home yesterday and decided to give my local Verizon store a call to see if they had any 4S Iphones in stock. They did and after playing with one for a while I was hooked. I can honestly say I have not put the thing down. I fell asleep with it in my hand last night! Great phone. Would highly recommend to anyone.
    10-15-2011 02:56 PM
  20. Rockdog97's Avatar
    I bought my mom a white iPhone 4s and myself a black one, I heard the white one is a bit bigger...after seeing hers out the box I want to take mine back and get the white one. what to do, what to do...
    I'm sure the white one just looks bigger... since there isn't much contrast, or too much contrasting, colors. I dont think they are different sizes..

    I stopped by my local AT&T store today and all they had were 64GB units.. They had both white and black display units, fully functional, that I got to play with for about 20 minutes. I'm not sure which I liked better-white or black... I'm not dur for an upgrade until December, so once that time comes I think I'll make the switch from my blackberry 9700 to the I4s...
    10-15-2011 04:32 PM
  21. decarlo4's Avatar
    I'm sure the white one just looks bigger... since there isn't much contrast, or too much contrasting, colors. I dont think they are different sizes.....
    That's the same thing the sales guy said when I took my black one back to get the white one ...I love the look of the white iPhone 4s, coming from a black iPhone 4.
    10-15-2011 06:02 PM
  22. PE1N's Avatar
    still looking for its functions and wat nots....
    10-15-2011 06:25 PM
  23. dlcrouch's Avatar
    Pre-ordered on the 7th and mine showed up around 3:00 PM CDT on Friday. Since i was out of town, i used the pre-sign option and UPS left it on the back porch as requested. Activated @ 6:00 PM CDT on Saturday - no waits or time-outs.
    I can report the Marware Sportshell case fits the ATT Iphone perfectly.
    Planning on running speedtest next - ATT 3g at my house is terrible. Curious to see if HSPA+ is any better.
    10-15-2011 06:53 PM
  24. kshea12's Avatar
    arrived at my house yesterday morning around 9:15 and I've been messing around with it ever since
    10-15-2011 07:00 PM
  25. fx5020's Avatar
    I pre-ordered the white 32 4S on Sprint on 10/08/11 with expected arrival Friday.

    I get home Friday 4 pm - no UPS package.
    Check the tracking - says expected delivery by end of Friday - keep checking
    5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm...

    At 8 pm, I get a call from UPS:
    'Uhh, the driver who was supposed to deliver your package, she put her backpack down and your delivery was under it, she didnt see it until now.
    If you want it tonight, can you meet her off the inter-state, she's on her way home, otherwise it will be delivered Monday"

    So I met the lady at a gas station off the inter-state -
    I figured she had had a long day, and made a honest mistake - so when I got the package from her, I gave her a bottle of Snapple iced tea for her drive home.

    Now, Ive started using the iPhone and already missing the multitasking cards on my Palm Pre...
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    10-15-2011 08:32 PM
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