1. curtisclone's Avatar
    With the iPhone 4s coming out in the next few days or so, I'm becoming very interested in all of things that a user will be able to do on iOS 5 with their new personal assistant, Siri. So, if and when you decide to put down your "dolla dolla bills ya'll" for the new iPhone, what will be the first or most interesting question that you will ask Siri?

    10-11-2011 10:02 PM
  2. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    10-11-2011 10:04 PM
  3. verwon's Avatar
    Siri's going to be busy sending texts and emails to my contacts, to inform them of my new number....sure beats typing it all myself!

    Mistress of Mischief
    10-11-2011 10:05 PM
  4. Gooster's Avatar
    "When will my iPhone 4S arrive?"

    *universe implodes at the paradox*
    10-11-2011 10:14 PM
  5. GibMcFragger's Avatar
    I am not really sure. I may just go with whatever comes to mind when I get the phone, lol.
    10-11-2011 10:41 PM
  6. curtisclone's Avatar
    What's the meaning of life? That's gotta come up sometime!
    10-11-2011 10:55 PM
  7. Timhewitt's Avatar
    You know she will know the answer..... 42
    10-11-2011 10:58 PM
  8. DaPhoneking's Avatar
    Where can I find free porn vids?

    (lmao I wouldn't ask this but you know quite a bit will. )
    10-11-2011 11:17 PM
  9. DaPhoneking's Avatar
    10-11-2011 11:35 PM
  10. JeremyHD's Avatar
    She is my new life partner.

    But she is going to be working 24/7!

    Good luck to her <3
    10-11-2011 11:38 PM
  11. pb&J's Avatar
    What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
    10-11-2011 11:38 PM
  12. Jellotime91's Avatar
    Where can I find free porn vids?

    (lmao I wouldn't ask this but you know quite a bit will. )
    Go to website Pornhub.

    DaPhoneking likes this.
    10-11-2011 11:46 PM
  13. Farmdreads's Avatar
    "Siri, what is the best way to dispose of a body? Just wondering."
    10-12-2011 01:58 AM
  14. reyrey127's Avatar
    "where can i get white castle burgers in california?"
    10-12-2011 04:24 AM

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