1. matthirst's Avatar
    (I知 in the UK, if that makes any difference) So, I missed out on the preorders and delivery time is now 1-2 weeks for online orders. What are the chances of picking one up if I head down to an Apple store in person on Friday? I知 not talking first one in the door, queuing up at 6am, simply heading down at lunchtime or such? If this is a laughable prospect, I値l have to order online and wait, but not sure what launch day is generally like?

    What are my chances?
    10-11-2011 04:46 AM
  2. CarrieMK's Avatar
    I am new here and am in the same boat, so to speak. I don't have an available upgrade so I will have to pay full price to get one for my son. I am still trying to get the money together so I was unable to preorder. Our carrier is getting the iPhone for the first time.

    From what I have read so far, there have historically been long lines. The lines may be diminished by lunchtime, but there also may not be any devices left. I may end up having to wait for the second round

    Good luck!
    10-11-2011 04:57 AM