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    i was upset it wasn't the 5 but at the time i just figured it would have the same specs about, minus screen size, and LTE, which isn't nationwide yet so i figured those 2 would save some battery life....i thought it was gonna have 1gb ram, but from what i'm reading only 512, i was shocked...but i plan on getting an iphone 5 when it comes out (gotta start saving now lol) which leads me to my first question

    1. if a phone came out before my 2 years is up, does verizon let you pay a partial price of a phone, or is it full retail?

    2. i'm a former blackberry user (because of the amazing battery life) but i decided to try something else because i dropped mine in beer lol and i'm currently using the blackberry i had before i decided i'd give an android or iphone a try...and the iphone seems to generally better battery life, so i picked that. on my blackberry there was some settings and tweeks you could do to preserve battery.....any tips to make the battery last longer>

    3. on my blackberry i could go in with some program i downloaded and remove anything i wanted that to clear up space from all the default crap...anything like this on the iphone?

    4. i got a 16b white......i think it'd be smart to get a case....but i don't want to add any bulk to the case. and i'd like it to be white....any thin hard or maybe rubber skin suggestions?

    what about screen protector? does it scratch easy? invisible shield? around the whole thing or just screen?

    5. what do you guys do as far as warranty/insurance? i don't want to pay a fee monthly....i know it comes with a 1 year warranty, and normally i'll get a warranty on my phone...anyone else ever use that site?

    someone also mentioned jail breaking, i'm doing some research on that now

    any other tips or suggestions?

    i'll probably think of more questions, so i will post them if i do
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    Hello, welcome to a great forum with an excellent community.

    Verizon may let you upgrade if it's been a year, and if you are the primary account on the plan, you should be grandfathered. If not, or from here on out, the early upgrade is 20 months, or you pay full retail before that.

    In regards to battery, there is a ton of great info on battery life, too much to post here, I would definitely encourage you to do a search.

    Deleting Apps is simple, long press an icon until you see all the icons jiggling. Tap the x on the corner of the icon, and it is deleted.....very simple.

    To keep form factor of the device, I use incase Snap Case. Incipio also makes one very similar called the feather case.

    I plan to order AppleCare + which covers 2 cases of breakage. I suppose carrier warranty and square trade would be fine.

    As far as jail breaking, same as the battery life answer, definitely do a search to get your plusses and minuses, go to Apples website and view the tutorials on iPhone, it is filled with great tips,

    Enjoy the phone, and welcome to Apple nation
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    The stock apps that are included in the iOS cannot be deleted. For those, you just stick them in a folder and forget them.

    If you jailbreak, you can also hide the shortcuts (like with BlackBerry), but you cannot actually delete the apps.
    10-09-2011 11:45 PM