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    Just talked to a local at&t rep here in Chattanooga,TN. Folks within the 30 day exchange timeframe or who bought a Iphone 4 on September 7th on up to todays date will not have issues. You can go to the local store and pre-order the phone and pay the upgrade price and when the phone arrives you do the exchange in person and recieve the money back for the iphone4. Or you can go to the store on release day and bypass the pay $199 or whatever up front and do the exchange and get the new iphone4S of your choice. The restock fee is $35 no big deal and is only fair. Hope this helps some of you like myself that wasn't sure what to do.

    FYI - The sales rep said the Iphone4S's they are receiving is far more of a supply than they ever had before. They said they will not sell out of the stock they are receiving in the first day. He said if you come on release day there is only going to be a wait, nobody will go home without a Iphone4S.

    Sounds like a pre-order this time is not necessary. The guy really sounded educated and sure of what he was saying. Looks like positive info other than possible wait times.

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    10-07-2011 05:12 PM