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What's my iPhone worth?
  1. ProMed's Avatar
    I gambled that the confirmed Nexus Prime specs would be announced before my 14-day Verizon cancellation period was up.
    10-09-2011 10:56 PM
  2. Premium1's Avatar
    I have very mixed feelings about this. I have to say the specs from the Nexus Prime sound pretty impressive and should definitely be considered competition, but I also think that Apple's iPhone's are so well established that there's no way the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich can get as much hype as the 4s.
    You also have to take into account great specs don't always make for a great phone.
    10-09-2011 11:18 PM
  3. kfreemanii's Avatar
    Its up in the air. IOS 5 is done from what we know and have seen. i am waiting to see how google can combat Siri! I know android has the specs but battery, camera, and bugs are always short comings to me.
    10-10-2011 12:34 AM
  4. CarrieMK's Avatar
    I agree with you. Apples formula is superior to the openness of Android. IMO It can be a good thing to be an open platform but some of these manufacture UI kill the experience.

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    That depends on what one considers a good user experience. I happen to like Sense. I also like "vanilla" Android, but for different reasons (a completely clean slate to work with). As for iOS, I would probably like it, too, and for even different reasons.

    I have rooted every Android I had. Not because I didn't like it as it was, but for the enjoyment and control. It is a hobby for me. If I ever get an iPhone for myself I will immediately begin reading up on jailbreaking.
    10-10-2011 04:48 AM
  5. CarrieMK's Avatar
    I agree. But people should understand the choices they are making. That's why these debates (not wars) about what works better on one platform or another should hopefully be informative rather than simply mud-slinging rants.

    Here's an example. Let's say the Nexus Prime turns out to have a 4.6" high resolution display that matches the Retina display in the iPhone. That will be great for someone who needs a larger display because they prefer larger fonts and have large hands. But it won't be that great for someone who has smaller hands and prefers to use the phone in one hand. A larger display also requires more power, so battery life could be compromised. That might not matter for someone who's willing to carry a spare battery or always has access to a car charger.

    Pros and cons to everything. Like you said, everyone is free to choose what package of features and compromises they prefer. Just be sure you understand what the pros & cons actually are.

    A nephew asked my advice a few months ago about selecting his first smartphone. He had a long list of reasons why he wanted one of the 4G Android phones. I didn't bother to try and talk him into waiting for the 5th gen. iPhone, but did warn him that most reviews said that battery life stunk with the 4G phones. He said he understood that, but his friends assured him that he would be able to install power management apps and tweak it so that battery life was fine.

    So he got the 4G Android phone and a couple of weeks later sheepishly emailed me saying that battery life sucked big time. But otherwise he loved the phone, so he'll have to adapt by either carrying a charger or a spare battery. He's in college and carries a pack all the time anyways, so it's no big deal for him. But that might not be the case for someone else.

    Few of us here have hands-on experience with every single phone that comes along. But many of us do read lots of reviews. So note any critical comments about a phone or OS and then do some research about it. And preferably spend time actually using a phone. These are touchscreen devices and UI responsiveness is a huge deal that affects practically everything you want to accomplish on it. Any lag, stuttering or sluggishness will get annoying very quickly.
    You made some valid points. No one device is going to be right for everyone. I can probably guess which 4G device he was referring to and yes, it was known to be a battery hog. Lol, I rooted mine and took care of that. I happen to enjoy the challenge of rooting and modding my phone. I know that many do not. I can also tell you that the newer 4G phones have much better battery life than those that came out just a year ago.

    Also we are really talking Apples and Oranges (well, and Androids ). Apple and iOS are married. You can't have iOS on a non-Apple product. Android is all over the place. That may seem like a bad thing to some, but for people with a limited budget you can wait about 3 months and with an upgrade get a very nice Android device for little or nothing. That is how I got my NS4G, which I like very much.

    You are right, people should understand what they are looking for. I would advise anyone making any phone purchase to make good use of the review period. It can be daunting with all the choices available, but I still think options are a good thing, and the more the better. What a boring world it would be if we were all just alike and limited to one option.
    10-10-2011 05:09 AM
  6. kilofoxtrot's Avatar
    I owned an iPhone 4 before switching over to Android earlier this year (using a Bionic). In the past I have owned every iPhone model until now. I have a few comments:

    The iPhone's UI is the same as it was with the 2G. I have to press an icon to do or see anything... iOS needs widgets. I love having my agenda, weather and speed dials on my homescreen without having to root or jailbreak my phone. If iOS had widgets I would come back to iOS yesterday.

    How many screen taps does it take to turn off or on Bluetooth or Wifi etc etc? I can do it in one on my phone.

    I loved Nokia phones back in the day for its "phone" features. What I mean by "phone" is exactly that.. how it worked as a phone. If I rejected a call, I was presented with a SMS list of responses that I could send to the rejected caller or dismiss the list. My SMS client had canned messages, i.e. Running Late, Call Me, etc etc... If my calendar showed that I was busy or in a meeting, my phone would automatically go into vibrate mode during the specific time frame and back to ring mode when I was free. My Bionic does the same, so did my Windows Mobile Blackjack back in the day.

    Dont get me wrong... I think the iPhone is a great phone. Siri looks amazing. However there are just a few things that leave me scratching my head. For being a smartphone, it can be pretty dumb is some aspects.

    One other point I would like to make. My 80 year old father loves his iPhone. I can safely say that unless I setup an android phone and somehow locked all his icons and widgets in place (because I know he would accidentally move or delete them), he would hate android. Thats genius on Apples part. Almost anyone can use their iDevices.

    Enjoy your 4S... its not for me. But thats purely a personal choice on my part.

    Oh.... and one more thing. GO CARDS!!!
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    10-14-2011 07:24 AM
  7. kilofoxtrot's Avatar
    I thought the iPhone had Widgets? Hmm...

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    Nope just icons. However the notification center in iOS5 can get you some quick calendar, weather, message/email info. Not quite a widget, but better than nothing.
    10-14-2011 07:59 AM
  8. Raptor007's Avatar
    I see ICS having the potential to offer a lot of great features and it will certainly draw in a crowd that want it. Time will tell if Google put enough into it to to merge Honeycomb and Gingerbread together. For me I will be on iOS once my iP4S arrvies. For me it's just easier to get what I need done in business and personal use.
    10-14-2011 11:48 AM
  9. durangojim#AC's Avatar
    I really wish there was an OS that took the best aspects of both iOS and Android and combined them. I'd love the smoothness and polish of iOS with Android's efficiency (widgets and shortcuts especially) and Android's Google Maps app (the one on the iphone is lightyears behind Android's). I keep on thinking about switching from my Thunderbolt back to an ip4 on verizon, but there are too many things keeping me away right now, and I'm interested in seeing what will happen next week with ICS and the new nexus device.
    10-14-2011 12:07 PM
  10. spizike2389's Avatar
    if they can get battery problems right a more sophisticated and less cluttered home page id be interested coming from the bionic made me miss iOS because android is like twitter customizable and fun for certain periods of time but has problems(twitter being over capacity) where as iOS is like Facebook just reliable and a more mature atmosphere imo
    10-14-2011 12:34 PM
  11. Manchild Pr0digy's Avatar
    I'm not really worried about Ice Cream Sandwich or the Galaxy Nexus (or whatever the hell it's going to be called). There's always something bigger and better about to be released when you buy a new phone, so there's really no sense in worrying about what's to come, because you know there's always going to be something better. Just buy the best device available at the time and enjoy it until it's time to upgrade.
    10-14-2011 04:11 PM
  12. diamonddialogue's Avatar
    I'm not sure any phone can beat the 4S, after having a few hours to play with it. It really redefines the term "smartphone."
    10-14-2011 04:14 PM
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