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  1. felface's Avatar
    The iPhone 4S
    The iPhone 4S has loads of features that not many people appreciate;
    First, there is the camera this has had a lot of work put into as is obvious from the keynote firstly ti has been upgraded with an 8 megapixel camera then the aperture has been refined and widened allowing for less use of the flash and much better photos in all light conditions more lens and a more advanced backlight sensor adding this to the lock screen access,tap-to-focus and face recognition this is like carrying round a compact DSLR but thats one thing then there's IOS 5 this is the next major update to IOS which fixes notifications,makes an IOS device pc-free and adds iMessage then theres the dual-core A5 processsor making things happen alot snappier and allowing the iPhone to run much more advanced software yet making the iPhone snappier than ever so even though all this is running apple still managed to make the battery last longer despite all these internal leaps in hardware and software then there's Siri
    this is the much rumoured assistant you can frisking TALK TO YOUR PHONE in natural language and it will understand you and concepts like christmas birthdays do i need a rain coat it understands these things yes this has been availble on android for a while but the iPhone 4s bought it to the iPhone and if you want it on your iPhone 4 then imagine that thing only has half the processing power yet you want it to understand natural english the same as a phone with twice the speed and power? add this to the fact iPhone 4S is a world phone and has a new larger capacity, and a thinness that still hasn't been beaten after two years on the market and all that you get in an iPhone 5 is an teardrop shape your choice....

    please share your thoughts below
    10-06-2011 03:32 PM
  2. !BigTex71's Avatar
    That is one heck of a long sentence!
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    10-06-2011 03:37 PM
  3. zackawee27's Avatar
    Nicely written I agree! Can't wait to hopefully get one on Sprint!
    10-06-2011 03:43 PM
  4. CrzyP's Avatar
    I think the 4S is cool but not a huge update from the 4. iOS 5 itself will make our current phones seem like a new phone. I do dig the new camera and Siri. I think I'm actually more excited about Siri. My wife is getting the 4S, so I will know soon how much better it really is.
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    10-06-2011 03:44 PM
  5. ChaosShadow's Avatar
    I think this IS the best time to get (or upgrade) to an iPhone. The 'S' models have traditionally had beefed up internals compared to their predecessor. I had thought about jumping ship from Sprint to get the iP4, but honestly, I'm glad I didn't. Not only does the iP4S have a few extra goodies, but I can now stay on Sprint!
    10-06-2011 03:49 PM
  6. SkiPPy087's Avatar
    Nicely written I agree! Can't wait to hopefully get one on Sprint!
    There is no way this is nicely written in terms of grammar.
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    10-06-2011 03:52 PM
  7. pilsbury's Avatar
    I agree. The processor speed alone is enough for me.
    10-06-2011 04:00 PM
  8. Maher Essi's Avatar
    I agree, there's enough new features that are exciting, mainley the new OS5 which is much faster, wireless sharing of data beween devices, voice control assistant, great camera, reminders.... what more do we need?? I'm glad they didn't do the tear drop design, I prefer the exisiting design, it has a nice feel :-)
    10-06-2011 04:02 PM
  9. ivan1.ruiz's Avatar
    I love the new features and the hardware upgrades without changing the form factor I mean the iPhone 4 is sexy

    "Think Different"
    ~ Steve Jobs ~
    10-06-2011 04:23 PM
  10. Maher Essi's Avatar
    Any news on the battery for the $s? any improvments on that front?
    10-06-2011 04:57 PM

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