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    Hey everyone,

    First post, just wanted to share a story with you that occurred over the last 3 days. As always take from this what you want. I've been a member over at android central for the last few years and I'll try and make a long story short.

    I have been with Verizon for 10 years and had over the years moved from a basic phone to smart-phones starting with the Original Storm. The Storm was awful and changed my perception of blackberry for life, caused me to switch to android and a droid X a few years ago and to a droid X2 last 4 months(loved the X but have had constant problems with the 3 X2's I've had as replacements). I've been on the phone with Verizon the last 3 days a total of 3 1/2 hours trying to troubleshoot my wi-fi connection issue with my X2. This is the 4th Motorola droid X I've had in the last 4 months. Here are the issues:

    1st:shut down when receiving calls or text while in navigation.
    2nd,3rd and 4th: All X2's as a replacement since the X stopped production have not been able to connect to my home network.

    I spoke with a total of 4 reps and 3 tech specialists as well as conference call with Motorola for them to finally tell me they have no idea what the problem is. I finally was transferred to a tier 2 supervisor who was awesome and given the option of phones that i could get sent to me for the remainder of my new every 2 contract. I asked if they would be able to move up my upgrade date so I could upgrade to an iPhone instead(my wives iPhone works perfectly and I have had phone envy for the last 8 months). After checking out my record with Verizon the supervisor gave me the OK which stunned me due to the fact that I am not due to upgrade until 3/15/2012. 1 stipulation, I had to do the upgrade on the spot or I could call back and try when I went and played with some phones at a store and found one I liked. He told me that the iPhone 5 was coming out in the next few weeks but they couldn't move my upgrade date for that because it's and Icon level phone and they can't change peoples upgrade date for that level of phone(probably BS as they are trying to deplete iPhone 4 inventory). Basically the supervisor told me when I get the iPhone in the mail Wednesday to just leave it in the box and not activate as I would have 14 days to return it putting me right inline for the new release of the iPhone 4S/5.

    Sorry that was so long, I'm just excited and needed to get it out. I know that Verizon employees don't have anymore information that we do regarding the launch. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten good news regarding upgrading early?
    10-01-2011 09:12 PM
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    Interesting! I would definitely upgrade for the 4 and then just swap it for the 5. =]
    10-01-2011 09:57 PM
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    Unless you have this in writing AND confirmed on multiple ends, be careful. I, too had problems with a phone on Verizon. I had the original Storm and ended up having multiple problems with it. Each replacement unit they sent was worse than the previous one. After talking to a rep, and then tier 2, they agreed to swap me over to a different phone. Of the options at the time (god awful WinMo 6 phones, and a few Blackberry phones), I settled on the then new Tour. I was told by the rep that I'd have the phone over-nighted and would be good to go. Two days later and no phone or tracking number showed up, so I called to follow up. I was told my order was placed, but immediately cancelled because the upgrade wasn't authorized. After going through a few reps again, I was told that I couldn't get the Tour and would only be able to get another POS Storm. After trying to explain that this was already authorized the previous time I spoke with them, I was told that the person I spoke to made a mistake and they couldn't fulfill that commitment. They then gave me the option of switching to an HTC Ozone or the Blackberry Curve or Pearl, because those were the equivalent phones in price to the Storm. With the Tour out and the Storm 2 coming soon, they had dropped the price on the Storm to under $100 bucks between the time I spoke to them previously and then, kicking the Tour out of the similar price bracket. In effect my POS Storm was worth nothing to me or them. I got of the phone disgusted without making a choice. I decided to wait a day and not talk to them while pissed off because the last thing I want to do is to be a ****** to these people on the phone, whether they deserve it or not. Also, I needed to figure out if it was worth it to me to drop down to an inferior phone and eat the loss, or pay the EFT and get out of the contract and eat a bigger loss. When I called back the next day, I spoke to a wonderful lady who, without any problems, made everything right. She looked at the notes saw what was promised, saw what was later offered, and made good on the original promise. She literally saved my account, because I was ready to tell them to pound sand if I dealt with anymore crap.

    So, moral of the story: if what they promised you isn't written down somewhere that you can use to backup your side in the event of a screwup, don't put too much faith in what they're promising.
    10-01-2011 10:56 PM