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    Fake iPhones (made from real parts) ring busted in Shanghai | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

    Very interesting. Upon closer examination, the picture on the box is actually a new picture, it is not the original iPhone 4 box. I feel like this is either the work of a very good renderer (unlikely!), or this is a real image from the box of the "revamped" (and less expensive) iPhone 4. In fact it more closely resembles the slightly curved, plastic iPhone clones we saw leaked a few months ago here:

    I've stated many times on this forum that I do believe this will be the new 'budget model' iPhone 4 body, as the current iPhone 4 is produced with special prototyping machines, which will likely now be used for the production of the iPhone 5. It will probably have a plastic back, rather than glass, and curved edges with chrome siding (Rather than the current stainless steel, which requires these prototyping machines to be cut to precision).

    As a sidenote, I also think all of the information people have been reporting that peg the iPhone as an 'iPhone 4S' is simply misinformation delivered by Apple, so that they can impress people even more when they announce the kickass new iPhone 5. Not unlike how they tipped off news sources that the iPad would cost $999, and then made everyone **** themselves when they unveiled the $499 price point.
    09-29-2011 08:24 AM