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  1. cold war kid's Avatar
    I need to sell my iPhone so I would like to downgrade it back to the current version of iOS4. I have a paid developer account and I have successfully upgraded to the iOS5 Betas, then downgraded back to iOS4 several times, so I know it can be done.

    However, ever since Beta 5 I have not been able to downgrade. I have tried through Xcode, iTunes, and it just doesn't work. The phone just stays stuck on the "Connect to iTunes" screen, and Xcode looks like it starts to go through the process of downgrading like it did before and then it just stays stuck on "Waiting for Device."

    If I try via iTunes, it just gives me an error that my device is not eligible for an older version of the software and I just end up having to restore back to iOS5.

    Has anyone been able to downgrade since Beta 5? Help, or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Sometails, if they help:
    iPhone 4 (GSM) iOS5 Beta 7
    Xcode Developer Preview 7
    iTunes Beta 8
    MacBook 2007, Snow Leopard 10.6.8
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  2. Theophany's Avatar
    I was able to downgrade on beta 5 by putting my phone into DFU mode and restoring it in iTunes.

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    09-26-2011 12:52 PM
  3. cold war kid's Avatar
    Success! It took a couple of tries, but I did it. I ended up having to downgrade to Beta 5 via Xcode, then put into DFU and restored back down to 4.3.5 via iTunes.
    09-26-2011 01:37 PM