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    Weird bug - not sure if it's iOS 5 beta 7 specific - but let me as the scene:

    I rented "Knowing" (pretty crap btw but some great effects) and the rental period has now expired. When I open "Movies" app I get the message "your rental period for "knowing (2009) has expired" and the app closes before I can even delete the file. Funnily enough (although not that funny) I also get kicked out of "Music" in the same way. I am therefore unable to play any of the media on my phone - which is kind of sh*t as I am currently on holiday!

    Anybody seen this before or have any ideas? I tried re-renting the film to see if it would reactivate the rental but it's actually downloading a whole new copy. Feeling pretty bummed out without my films and tunes so any ideas welcome.

    Note - I have tried switching off and on as well as rebooting. No joy. And as I am on holiday I do not have PC or iTunes access.
    09-11-2011 11:44 AM
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    It's a beta. There are bugs. You should have expected bugs on an Apple beta, and it wasn't smart to have the iOS 5 beta on your main device for a period where you have no iTunes/PC access to troubleshoot.

    That said I'm still on beta 6 after reading about the bugs in beta 7, so I'm unaware of any solution.

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    09-11-2011 01:38 PM
  3. stegz's Avatar
    Eh, thanks?

    No, seriously, I actually forgot my laptop charger so I wasn't being totally dumb - but if anyone has anything constructive (i.e. helpful rather than condescending) to add I'm open to suggestions.
    09-12-2011 03:53 AM
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    In essence, its a very, very simple fix that works the same way for iPhones and iPads.

    In iTunes with your iOS device connected, click on the device in the source list.
    On the summary page, scroll down to the Options panel, and make sure that the option Manually manage music and videos is ticked. Click Apply to make the change if it wasnt ticked before.
    In the source list, click the disclosure triangle next to the device. A set of subfolders representing your devices storage space will show up.
    Navigate to Rentals. The movies will appear in the main part of the window.
    Select the movie(s) you want to delete, then select Edit > Delete (or use either the Backspace keyboard shortcut, or right-click for the contextual menu). The movies will be deleted take care that you dont delete a rental movie that hasnt yet expired.
    Once theyve been deleted, go back to the devices information summary page, and untick Manually manage music and videos if necessary. Double check that in doing so, iTunes doesnt try and add new content you dont currently sync for me, it decided it wanted to start syncing up music tracks, which I dont currently sync to my iPad.
    09-28-2011 10:05 AM