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    heyy, iv been keeping a look out for a definate release date for over 4 months now, first it was may then august then september and now they saying october
    im stuk with a samsung at the mo and i really wanna change to something good, iv never had an iphone before because i hated the cameras, crap quality but iv heard the iphone 5 will have a 10 mp camera to compete with the nokia n8 and sonny ericcsons, i dont know if it will have that much camera quality but i hope they do, cuz i love all the apps and stuff, and i heard there will be BBM messenget typ instan messagng service with free video calls to ipods and iphone 4 if thats the case but again it could be a rumour im stikin to a ****ty phone cuz i wanna buy an amazing phone , but sometimes i think its not worth waiting cuz in some reviews you reead iphone 5 will be a minor update of the iphone 4.

    what would anyone suggest
    08-04-2011 09:36 AM