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    Hey guys, i tried to downgrade my iPhone because it will help me unlock it, and so i search a downgrade tutorials on youtube. I followed the instruction like using ifaith and etc. but then after the restoring process the itunes so this scary error, the itunes error 37. I tried the redsn0w boot but my iPhone wont reboot it just shows the pineapple logo and then apple logo and it wont finish the apple boot and then show a circle, and its still stuck in dfu... Help me please, thanks guys its appreciated....
    10-17-2015 10:58 PM
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    Make sure your iTunes is up to date then connect the phone to your computer and try to restore it through iTunes. If that doesn't work, you probably bricked it. You could also take it to an authorized repair shop. Good Luck

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    10-18-2015 01:06 AM

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