1. iStanley25's Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    S guys my problem is that my battery fully charged at 100% and with all tweaks for get a battry life extended drain in my opinion to fast guys! So i did test i charged the phone to 100% in airplane mod no wierless turned on even the brightnes of lcd set to minimum phones battery drain out in 9h, yes sounds cool but all this 9h i was sleeping so i even didn't use phone, phones was fully charged at 00:50 and today at 9:42 when i puted it to charge there was only 2% left, i did only check the flipboard to see news this morning.

    Battery was changed in store is new.

    Guys how much time your battery is take to drain out ? with normal use of iPhone.

    thank you and please give some feedback!
    09-13-2014 04:22 AM
  2. phreddyl's Avatar
    For me it's usually around 10 hours. Depends what I'm doing and also how good the signal strength is.

    Sent from my iPad Mini using Tapatalk
    09-13-2014 06:34 AM
  3. KennyMcCormack's Avatar
    Background refresh is another cause of excessive battery drain. Coupled with weak signal, battery won't last. Also check for rogue apps that don't shut off after 10 minutes and continue using data.
    09-13-2014 06:43 AM

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