1. Valentine Feldbergs's Avatar
    So I've got an iPhone 4 unlocked 32gb

    When I try to make a call it goes straight to the loudspeaker, but there is no sound, people on the other end can't hear me either.
    Everything else works, music, system sounds etc. Tried skype test call everything works fine.

    I've tried to do a recovery, DFU mode, tried to put my motherboard into another mid frame, nothing. All the same.

    So now I have no idea what to do, my only idea is either iOS7 is doing something wrong or its the motherboard, even though, as a person who works on iPhone's all the time
    this is the cleanest iPhone motherboard I have seen.

    Anyone any ideas?

    10-17-2013 01:36 PM
  2. ninjamattic's Avatar
    On any call it goes straight to speakerphone? Have you been able to rule out that the earpiece might have failed? I assume we're not working with any beta or GM versions of iOS 7, so installing a fresh copy of the latest version of iOS 7 would make a difference if it was a software issue. When you did your restore, did you set it up as a new iPhone and test, or restore your backup? I have encountered software corruption transferring to a backup, and then back to a new device upon restore.
    10-17-2013 01:41 PM
  3. Valentine Feldbergs's Avatar
    I have done about 5 restores, I set them all up as a new iPhone. The earpiece works fine in skype, I tested with the test call, earpiece, loudspeaker and the mic works fine, but when I make any call it goes straight to loudspeaker and no sound or anything if I press it to go to earpiece there is no sound.

    Oh and I'm running iOS 7.0.2
    10-17-2013 01:51 PM

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