1. ZigAim's Avatar
    Ok..Ive had my iphone just over a year...

    Since about Tuesday...I've got all these problems!! Started dropping calls like crazy, unable to get much 3G network in places I normally have no problem getting it..missing calls, voicemails a day later....etc.. Did some online research..then tried doing a *228 PRL update.
    WELL...not only did it not fix ANYTHING...then I started having my battery drain alot faster then normal..like charging it twice a day. and normally if its at 100% before bed..I close all apps, and leave it on my night stand. Before, I would lose maybe 5% battery overnight. NOW I lose about 80% if not totally dead.

    Went into Verizon on Thursday. They noticed I hadn't yet done the software update to ios6 and said they could do NOTHING until I went home and did the update (nice 30 minute drive!) SO, I did that. Not much change. CAlled in the next day to Verizon. They had me do another PRL update, and a hard reset (which I had done a few of already)

    Seemed at that moment might have helped. Wrong! I cannot make any calls when Im home..which before not an issue..hard to get my 3G to pick up when around town when not an issue before...I keep losing my wifi connection...

    So..any other advice? Do i bypass Verizon and take it to apple? I am BEYOND frustrated. My husbands phone is working fine...so it isn't a local tower issue (verizon checked that as well)
    10-27-2012 07:58 PM
  2. berry_addict's Avatar
    I had a couple of issues with my iPhone 4 after the updates. But now, it's all good. Regarding the Wi-Fi drop, check this forum, and you will find the answer. I had the same problem. But if you are not too much of a programmer, take it to Apple, they will do a great job, and most likely, they will fix it.
    10-28-2012 11:24 PM
  3. ZigAim's Avatar
    Verizon wound up ordering me a new phone..so hopefully when I get that and set it up, my issues will be gone..they tried telling me that I need to make sure I always update my apps, that that can affect phone useage? HOW is having an un updated app going to affect me making and dropping phone calls!?
    10-29-2012 06:33 PM

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