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    A while ago, my friend told me his dad found an iPhone at a gas station and was looking to sell it. I immediately jumped on it because I needed a new iPod and he was selling the iPhone 4, 16GB for only $100. I already had a phone and I didn't have an interest in using it as a phone, only an iPod. Now, I'm trying to sell the iPhone even more but before I want to, I want to make it almost brand new. The problem is that on the top left corner, it says Verizon 3G with the bars. I already tried calling and stuff and the iPhone has no service. It said the service was disconnected. The service is disconnected but the Verizon carrier sign is still there and I want it gone. Also, I know that the iPhone has a Bad ESN because it was probably reported 'Lost' or 'Stolen' but I never checked. Help someone please! There's also still a phone number attached to it when you go to Settings > Phone but you obviously can't call from it.
    09-13-2012 07:50 PM
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    Call Verizon and give them the esn to check it. If they say its clean then you can sell it as a phone with no worries. Unless the original owner files a claim.
    09-13-2012 07:53 PM

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