1. cinco312's Avatar
    Me and my brother have the same phone and for some reason when he texts me a video it comes through all choppy and horrible looking. But when I send him one it's great, a clear HD video. The video is in HD when he views it on his phone. I looked through all the settings and couldn't find anything. Am I missing something?
    08-16-2012 02:05 AM
  2. synaesthee's Avatar
    Do you both have iPhones on the same carrier? If not, what phones do you have on what carriers? Some carriers have a maximum inbound/outbound message size, so the phone is required to compress it first. This also means that the length of the video matters. A longer video will have to be compressed more to fit the maximum message size.
    08-20-2012 11:11 AM
  3. cinco312's Avatar
    We're both on Verizon. We've tested it out side by side on wifi and 3G with the exact same 2:30 footage we recorded and mine still showed up in HD compared to his mobile video. I don't get it.
    08-20-2012 07:52 PM