1. dictoresno's Avatar
    i just started noticing this recently and its confusing me. as far as i can remember, when you set an alarm and it goes off, there a big gray "standard iOS" box that appears that says "OK and SNOOZE".

    but sometimes i get the box pictured below, and sometimes the one i listed above. can anyone please explain why they are different and what makes either one appear vs the other? its confusing the hell out of me. i thought it was always the main OS box saying OK and SNOOZE. now this one appears more often. this morning, i had alarms set for 8, 815 and 830. i kept snoozing over and over, so i dont know if maybe one box appears for the initial alarm, then the other box appears for subsequent snoozes

    here are the two different alarm boxes in question...

    and the alarm pic on the right.....
    06-14-2012 07:27 PM
  2. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    The top notification appears when the phone is unlocked. The bottom shows up in the lock screen. When locked, you can hit "snooze" or slide the unlock button to turn it off completely. I can't remember the days before lock screen notifications, but I suppose it's done to make the screen more uniform.
    06-14-2012 08:05 PM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    ah that makes sense
    06-14-2012 10:52 PM