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    I'm new here guys so please go easy on me. My sister made me update my phone on Friday to the 5.1v ( i never did it because I wasn't sure what it would do to my phone). I should not have an I-phone, I know. I use it for pics and texts and calls but that is all I do with it. My sister said I did not have enough space for more pics/videos and that I need to update to 5.1 and start using the "cloud". I still don't know what she did but I guess I am set up with the cloud now and supposedly all of my pics are stored elsewhere and I can erase all pics from the phone. I don't believe it.
    After she did this stuff, my computer starting acting weird and I got a blue screen telling me windows shut down abnormally and now it takes an hour to start up. I have a tech coming to my house in the AM tomorrow and he is going to give me a new hard drive. This means I need to transfer all pictures from my computer that she saved there. She never uploaded those things to the cloud, I guess. How do I check that all things have been stored in the cloud? What about I-tunes? I will have to reload I-tunes onto the new harddrive and last time I did that it told me I needed to de-auth a computer in order to proceed. I am owrried that this new hard drive will lose all info my sister did and she is not even sure she got things into the cloud. Could someone please straighten me out so I can work on getting these pics/videos saved somewhere in cyber space so I dont' lose everything?
    Thanks for sticking with me
    06-12-2012 04:12 PM