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    I currently live in S. Korea stationed at Camp Casey and I would like to tell everyone about my last week and the turn of events that have happens and me running across this unlock for my Iphone 4 IOS 5.0.1 Baseband 4.11.08.

    On Sunday I threw my HTC EVO 4g+ at a wall for stalling on me and it broke into about 700 pieces.

    On Monday I went to the local pawn shop and bought an Iphone 4 (told it was a Korean Iphone) then figured out it wasn't when I looked up the model number and so I went on a search to no avail to unlock 4.11.08 except SAMprefs and after trying once I looked for help only to find out it was fixed already.

    On Tuesday I went to get a refund and was denied. So I went home and searched and searched and almost bought a Gevey SIM card to unlock this POS.

    And to last night I was so frustrated I called ATT to try and get it unlocked by them they proceed to tell me that the phone's IMEI was still locked to an active account so they could not unlock it. I then went home and about gave up and decided to play around a bit with SAMprefs again anyway.

    I jailbroke my phone VIA redsn0w_win_0.9.11b2 and obviously it was hacktivated so here are the steps I took and got my phone unlocked.

    1.I went to Itunes and made a backup of my phone and synced twice(for safe measure)

    2.I went into SAMprefs and selected "Revert lockdown to stock" then Deactivate Iphone and checked status of unactivated.

    3.I chose Method: Auto Detect and went to utilities and clicked attempt activation.

    4.My phone then respringed I saw "Searching..." in my service slot but then it went to "No Service" once again I look in SAMprefs and I see WildcardActivated as my

    5. I then plugged my Iphone into the PC and Itunes opened and I received an error(Don't remember which one) then unplugged and replugged it in. to see my phone number in the slot on Itunes even though I had never seen that before.

    6.I went to SAMprefs and pressed "Spoof Real SIM to SAM" it confirmed.

    7.I still have no service at this point so I go to "unlockit.co.nz/' and chose my CURRENT country and CARRIER. and pressed install. It installs and yet still "No Service"

    8.I then power down my phone and turn it back on. To my surprise I have full service and "Olleh" in my service slot now.

    9.I make a few calls and check Imessage and Facetime all working correctly.

    10.The end.

    I still have service the day after this took place and have turned off and repowered my phone multiple times and synced with Itunes I never recieved a unlock message on my Itunes or anything.

    I have no experience in jailbreaking or unlocking other than being the first to figure out how to root the HTC EVO 4G+.

    I tried plugging my phone in before trying all this to Itunes with my simcard in to recieve the message of "Invalid SIM Card"

    Am I the only one who this still works for or is this a common thing that I just cant seem to find on the internet?
    05-17-2012 05:51 AM
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    I'm keen to hear if anyone else has had the same experince as you?

    Would be great news if this still works.
    05-17-2012 08:15 AM