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    I have read a number of posts on the subject but all are coming at this issue from a slightly different angle. Here is my issue. I have an iPhone 4 for personal use and loaded with my personal contacts. My company is taking away our Blackberrys and wants us to use our personal smart phones for work. Leaving out the part about how much that stinks, I need help setting up Exchange/contacts on my iPhone. I have already set up the account to link to our Exchange server and the email/calendar is coming across fine.

    My issue is with Contacts. I haven't turned that slider on yet because I don't want my business contacts from the Exchange server to either merge, or worse yet overwrite, the personal contacts now on my phone, but I would like to have them on my phone.

    In a perfect world I would have two sets of contacts, just like I have two calendars and two email folders, so I could select the Exchange contacts for work and the Home contacts for personal.

    Is this possible?
    04-27-2012 02:07 PM