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    Hey guys, this is not spam first of all .. I just wanted to spread the word on a promo deal going on. I saw this on the forum for my BlackBerry PlayBook, and I got it both on there and my iPhone 4. If you have the free Kobo Reader app, they have a promo going on right now for the Hunger Games books. If you buy the trilogy all together with the promo code, it'll come out to about $4.50 - or if you buy each book separate (must purchase separate to use code each time), you can get all three for about $3.32, that's what I did.

    Add the book to your cart, and enter promo code "HungerGamesDeal", wait for price adjustment and then checkout. If you're going to buy each book one at a time, you have to purchase each one separately in order to get the promo on all three - but since it doesn't allow you to enter the same code twice, if you enter "HungerGamesDeal2" and "HungerGamesDeal3" for each purchase, respectively, you'll still get the promo price.

    I paid .83 cents for the first book, $1.17 for the second, and $1.26 for the third. Just wanted to spread this deal around .. Again, this isn't spam, just letting you guys know of a good promo deal going on right now.
    03-23-2012 04:38 AM