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    I hope someone can help me fix this/explain what is going on

    Today i decided to move all my photos from my iphone to my pc for a backup.
    So using my PC I navigated to the DCIM folder and copied all the photos onto my HD.
    After doing this I noticed I had 2 copies of every photo, one with a regular name and one with the identical name followed by "(***)" *** being 3 random digits.
    After spending a long time deleting all the duplicates off my PC I went and looked back in the DCIM folder to find that I had a duplicate of each photo here as well (except here both photos have an identical name, filesize, etc but are somehow co existing. Seeing as how it copied two of each I went ahead and deleted one of each from my phone as well.....
    I soon discovered that this actually erased all of the pics. (thank goodness I just finished backing them up)

    So I started from new with a now empty camera roll, and again when I take a new pic I only see one copy on the phone itself but once plugged into the PC I see a folder in DCIM with random letters, in there is one copy of each photo I just took. Also in DCIM is a folder called Cameraroll, in here there is two copies of each pic found in the random letter named folder.

    If size of folders helps, I have 3 photos right now. 2 photos and 1 screen shot.
    The folder called 956YOKDJ is 4.33mb and the folder cameraroll is 8.67mb so it looks like it is actually storing 3 copies of every pic on my phone.
    I am unable to delete the cameraroll folder.
    Can someone please explain what on earth is going on
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