1. regrooney's Avatar
    i'd pick 32g these days good apps are 1 g+
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    01-29-2012 04:51 PM
  2. Bias X's Avatar
    i'd pick 32g these days good apps are 1 g+
    It's very rare you'll find an app over 500MB unless it's a game.

    But I'd still pick a 32gb. 16 just doesn't have the storage I need.
    Whenever I go on a trip I like to throw a few movies on, I hardly have the space for 1 or 2.
    Recording video on the 4S are 1080p, I think I got about an hour and 15 minutes before I ran out of memory. Definitely not enough for something like a concert or Christmas (big family heh).

    But if you lug around an tablet or laptop I'd recommend a 16. No point if you're going to bring the other with you anyways.
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    01-29-2012 05:38 PM
  3. anon(4732323)'s Avatar
    I currently have 16gb & have approx 4gb left - think I'll be moving up to 32gb next time!
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    01-30-2012 08:11 AM
  4. bmxfreak995's Avatar
    Ive got the 32g and although I am not using but 9g I like the feeling of having more than enough memory since you can not expand it and it is much better for resale.
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    01-30-2012 09:06 AM
  5. durbin's Avatar
    i wish i'd got 64gb....need room for all my tunes, hate not having them all on here.
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    01-30-2012 11:16 AM
  6. Eileen89's Avatar
    If you can swing the extra $100, I would go with the 32GB size. This way you'll have a comfort zone if you do plan on downloading a lot of things later on.

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    01-30-2012 11:33 AM
  7. Wildo6882's Avatar
    I've got the 32gb 4S and I have roughly 15.5 gb available. I have 1464 songs, 7 videos, 942 pictures, and 112 apps, just to give you the full rundown.

    I also have a 160gb iPod Classic that has all my music and videos on it. Like many have said before me, it just depends on what you want on your phone. I didn't want all of my music on there. I've got about 7gb of music. I went through my entire collection and picked out my (apparently) favorite 1464 songs and synced only those. But it was easier for me to do knowing that I have the backup of my full collection on my iPod. When in doubt, I always go for the higher storage, especially with something like an iPhone that doesn't have expandable storage. You'll be stuck with whatever you get, so if you have a question about it, I'd err on the side of caution and get the bigger storage.
    01-31-2012 01:34 PM
  8. paul-c's Avatar
    I've got 16GB with about 4GB to spare. I have lots of music loaded and a handful of apps. If you're on the fence just go with the 32GB and rest easy.
    01-31-2012 01:49 PM
  9. Ripleybird's Avatar
    I have a 16gb and I take a lot of photos. I'll definitely go with a 32gb on my next phone. I've had to backup and remove some photos as I had almost run out of memory. I like to have them with me. I think I have over 2000 now...well including video.
    01-31-2012 09:17 PM
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