1. Conquest4life's Avatar
    Today my friend gave me his iphone 4. I'm trying to change my 3gs to this current device. I swiped the I4, plugged it in to my Mac and thought It would work . Is there a way to activate this new I4? I'd switch the sim card which would be easy but I didn't realize the cards are smaller in the 4 .

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated fellow Iphone lovers..
    01-06-2012 02:48 AM
  2. verwon's Avatar
    Is it for the right carrier? If so, you'll need to get a micro sim, or cut the one you have.
    01-06-2012 11:32 AM
  3. Conquest4life's Avatar
    Yeah its for an att iphone. So all i have to do is buy a new small sim? Seems simple enough, thanks
    01-06-2012 12:06 PM