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    Hi, I am a new iPhone 4 user and I have been having some issues with my Gmail syncing properly through the native Mail application.

    To set up my Gmail account in mail I set-up an exchange account.
    Put in my email address @gmail.com
    Typed in my correct username and password
    Listed the server as m.google.com
    Left the domain blank
    Description is Gmail
    Use SSL is ON
    S/MIME is OFF

    The problem I am having is this:
    As soon as I put in this information everything was working correctly, roughly one day later when I enter the Mail application the service tells me that the Gmail password is incorrect. I know that the password has not changed. I went into settings, retyped the password, and everything again worked properly. Roughly one more day later I experienced the same problem.

    Is there something I have set up wrong, or should I go about syncing my Gmail another way. The reason I went through the exchange set-up rather than just entering a Gmail account was to have my contacts sync as well (previous Android user).

    Thank you for any and all help
    01-05-2012 08:44 AM
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    Mods if you would like to delete this post I understand.
    I found a solution by myself to the problem I was having!

    The steps I took were these:
    Removed exchange account from my iPhone
    exported all of my google contacts to a Vcard
    imported Vcard into iCloud contacts/Address Book on MAC
    synced contacts under iCloud settings (poof! all of my contacts were back )
    set up mail using only Gmail rather than using the exchange account.

    I am very happy with this 'fix' now, hopefully this may help anyone else who was having any similar issues!
    01-05-2012 09:19 AM