1. skarci's Avatar
    I'm currently running IOS 4.2.8 on a Iphone 4 CDMA (verizon), I'm trying to get IOS 5.0.1 installed on it and I don't care if it requires me to completely wipe all the stuff on my phone, I just want it updated. I've tried many time already to no avail getting many different errors like the "Server is busy or unavailable" error, errorcode 3002, 3014 and so on. Currently i've got my phone in DFU mode and im trying to do a manual install by shift clicking restore and selecting previously downloaded firmware (5.0.1) and im getting an error code 3014 still. I've disabled all my security on my pc, turn off firewall, and am plugged directly into my modem instead of my router and nothing is working. Is there a way to install firmware without having to use Itunes because i've about had it with that program.
    12-23-2011 11:38 PM
  2. @MosFEER's Avatar
    There is no way round not using iTunes to install firmware for 3.0+ or 4.0+. Only iOS 5.0+ allows for OTA updates. As you are upgrading to stock 5.0.1 firmware there is no reason to enter DFU mode. Try a restore with your iPhone open, iTunes will do the rest.
    12-24-2011 03:13 AM