1. yaynative's Avatar
    iPhone 4. Latest OS using Win 7

    I connect the ip[hone to my computer and navigate computer >my iphone > internal storage > DCIM > Then there are 3 file folders listed that contain my photos.

    In the past there has only been one file folder and I was able to delete the folder to remove the pics from my phone. Now I get an error saying delete failed. There is now two icons for "local disk".

    Any idea how I can delete these pics and folders, and is it sage to delete the local disk? They are 0 bytes

    pics attached
    12-10-2011 09:43 PM
  2. sherlock's Avatar
    Are the folders empty? I have never had a problem deleting folders on my iPhone in the way you describe.
    12-10-2011 10:54 PM
  3. yaynative's Avatar
    The folders are full of pictures.
    12-11-2011 04:53 AM
  4. big9erfan's Avatar
    AFAIK the folder access via windows has always been read-only.
    12-11-2011 06:24 AM
  5. WreakingHavoc's Avatar
    Are you able to change the read only attribute, if so, how? I also have duplicate folders from a JB Album app that is literally using half my space. Last night I tried to cut & paste one of them but it just copied and pasted. I also know theses folders are wasting space in my backup and preventing my from cloud storage due to the size.
    I thought iOS 5 was going to allow deletion on the device.
    12-11-2011 10:04 AM