1. Qfanvnaa's Avatar
    hi i just got my iphone4 and i just wanted to know how to activate bluetooth. so i turn on bluetooth on both the iphone3 and my iphone4, after this, both phones are in device search mode but could not locate any bluetooth. so what must i do so that my bluetooth are discoverable and also can detect other bluetooth devices from apple. thanks.
    11-23-2011 08:18 PM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    What is it you're trying to connect?
    11-23-2011 11:06 PM
  3. anon(157335)'s Avatar
    If you are trying to connect two iPhones via BlueTooth I'm not sure that will work.
    11-24-2011 07:45 AM
  4. eyemakerz's Avatar
    Its under settings but the iphone cannot transfer multimedia material through bluetooth contect apple...
    11-28-2011 04:16 AM
  5. Timhewitt's Avatar
    Bluetooth can be used for music, or to tether, however to use it to transfer files you need to run a program on each device that can speak to the other device. I don't know of any bluetooth file transfer program between an iOS device and a Mac or a PC
    11-28-2011 04:41 AM