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    I recently got my wife a pre-owned VZN iPhone 4 to replace her company BlackBerry. Her IT department activated the phone and got her work email, contacts, and calendar synced up using Lotus Notes Traveller. All good there. Then the sleep/wake button stopped working so the Apple store gave her a replacement phone a few days ago.

    The problem is that the first time I plugged it into iTunes to sync her apps and music, it gave me two choices: Restore as new phone or restore from a previous backup. I don't remember getting these choices when I set up her first phone. The first time this happened I was afraid restoring from backup might mess up the settings her IT department put on there, so like an ***** I clicked Restore as New Phone.

    Big mistake....the phone updated to iOS5 and then the VZN activation splash screen popped up asking for her account info to activate the phone...well, it's a corporate account so obviously she doesn't know that info. We were stuck until the next day when her IT department could once again activate her phone and get Lotus Notes Traveller hooked up again.

    The phone works great but now I still need to sync with Tunes to get her apps and music on there. Do it HAVE to restore it in order to run the first sync? I've never had this problem with any of my AT&T iPhones, but then again they have SIM cards instead of needing the stupid MEID # to activate the phone.

    Clearly I don't want to restore it as a new phone again....does anyone know of a way to bypass the restore function before the first sync, or barring that, if I restore from a previous backup (this is a replacement phone for a defective iP4, so the backup I have is of another work set-up iPhone) will it erase all the work her IT guy did setting up the phone?

    Sorry to be so long-winded, just trying to make sure I was clear enough in my post.

    11-02-2011 01:07 PM
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    Next time you connect it, it won't ask if you want to setup as a new phone or restore from backup. It should just go ahead and sync apps. It won't sync app data, that's stored in the backup.

    If you restore from backup, it should bring back all the settings that were on the device prior to you swapping it out at Apple ( this all depends on how often your wife syncs & backs up her data though ).
    11-02-2011 02:53 PM