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    I'm hoping someone here can perhaps shed some light on this or at least offer some kind of a work around.

    The basic issue is that since putting iOS5 on the iPhone, whenever it is in range of the home Wi-fi network and connects, all other computers on the wireless network loose the ability to resolve DNS. The router itself remains connected to the net, likewise any downloads in progress are not interrupted however every device looses the ability to resolve a domain name and open a web page.

    This was never an issue under the previous iOS version so it's definately something in the update causing the problem. Likewise many other iphones/ipods have connected over wifi without causing issue in the past.

    The interesting thing is that this is not the first time i've encountered this weird problem. I noticed it a few months back when a friend bought a macbook over. As soon as the wireless was turned on to connect to the network, we all lost the ability to resolve DNS - exactly the same issue as the new iOS5 update so it is definately something in new versions of apple software that is causing this.

    Anyway, highly fustrating problem. I suspect it is some sort of conflict between the router (an old RTA770W) and the way apple seems to have programmed wireless software on it's newer systems. I also suspect that replacing the router with a newer model would fix the problem but that is somewhat beside the point - it works perfectly fine with the current windows 7 laptops until new apple devices connect to it. Surely there must be some settings in the RTA that I can change to stop the conflict?

    Anything would be much appreciated.
    10-17-2011 03:54 PM