1. MustangLife's Avatar
    Hey all. I thought I would make a post on download speeds through Speedtest since its so easy and quick to use. List what phone you have, what ios, your area, and wifi and 3g speeds.

    Iphone 4, 4.3.5 in Chattanooga, TN
    5.52 Mbps download on Wi-Fi (AT&T)
    2.27 Mbps download on 3G (Seems like I was able to get around 3.25 before)
    10-04-2011 05:46 PM
  2. Trailhead's Avatar
    Iphone 4 ios4.3.3 jailbroken
    Toronto Canada on Rogers network
    3g 5.40Mbps download 2.35Mbps upload on -70dbi signal which seems to be average

    best ever on 3g was 6.11 d/l 2.94 u/l

    wifi 8.13 d/l 0.6 u/l on a 12Mbps connection through an N router
    10-04-2011 07:47 PM