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    The 4s is not a bad purchase for new iPhone customers or people upgrading out of the 3G or the 3Gs.

    Not sure why everyone is all hurt-butt over the announcement. Did you all really expect an iPhone 5? That's not how apple has done things. 3G---->3Gs

    It'd be foolish of them to come out with a totally new style of body phone wise, as in ALL of the cases, docks, mounts, everything, would need to be remade. That would only **** you off (the iPhone 4) as an old user because you would have a difficult time finding anything bits and bobs to go with your phone.

    Oh well, dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.

    I am just disappointed that's all the put in the phone. How long has it been? 16 months? And all we get is the iPad 2's processor? A slightly better camera?

    I am honestly bummed that I won't get siri on my 4. Or so it seems.

    But iOS5 will run smoothly on the 4 and will only make it better, and it will get iOS6 I am sure. So I am not worried about the 4s, nor am I burning down buildings to try to get it.
    10-05-2011 10:18 AM
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