1. Bronson#IM's Avatar
    This is hard to explain and I've tried searching for the answer both here and on Google.

    I have an iPhone 4 that I have used my @gmail.com Apple ID since I bought my phone. Somehow, when I go to purchase an app, it asks for my @me.com password. I'm not sure how that happened but I only want to use the gmail.com ID.

    I've tried to deauthorize the account on my computer but I've not had any luck. I've also deleted my MobileMe account from the iPhone settings.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
    09-27-2011 09:11 PM
  2. Timhewitt's Avatar
    Remove the account from Settings - Store on your phone

    09-27-2011 10:32 PM
  3. Bronson#IM's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the reply and help. That worked! :-)

    Now I'm embarrassed at how easy it was and me completely overlooking it.
    09-28-2011 05:52 AM
  4. Timhewitt's Avatar
    Glad I could help. Don't be embarrassed
    09-28-2011 06:59 AM