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    So a friend of mine had his new iPhone 4 for roughly two months before he shattered the screen. It fell from a staggering 2 feet and ruined it, with a case on it (this tells me Apple really needs to re-examine their hardware). Anyways, I got online and ordered him a $50 screen and digitizer, and the specialized screw driver to get the two screws removed from near the dock connector. With new screen and tools in hand, I quickly pulled up iFixit and set to work.

    Ran into very few problems with the removal of the components. iFixit was pretty good at walking through how to take it all apart, with a few exceptions to some missed screws that had to be removed, but finally the old screen came free. Though the small screws were a PAIN to work with, and I had some trouble with the digitizer ribbons, the iPhone finally came back together and powered up/tested out nicely.

    I will say for anyone doing this on their own, a couple things. First, I used a piece of white paper to track my parts. Every part iFixit told me to remove I drew a circle roughly to the size of the parts, put the iFixit step by the circle, and put the part(s) there. This way, when I went through the iFixit tutorial backwards, I knew where everything matched up. I'd also suggest their liberation kit, which includes all the screw drivers you will need for the task. I did not personally use this kit, as I had many fine-point screw drivers on hand, but I will say that I had to get created with flatheads. Also, I didn't have a plastic pry to pry up the very very delicate pieces so I had to make due with breaking apart a bookmark-pen and using the clip off of that.

    Last, when you are putting the new screen back in and you put the ribbons through the slot so they can connect to the logic board, be VERY VERY sure that you pull as much of the ribbon through as will come. The first time, and I can only assume because I'm not sure what happened, I ran into the problem of the ribbons not reaching their connectors. I took the screen back out and measured up the cables to the old one, thinking I had a bad new screen, and saw the cables were the same length. So, I did it again, paying careful attention to getting as much ribbon through as possible, and the phone quickly snapped back together after that.

    This was a very frustrating experience, but in the end rewarding and enlightening. I really got to see what makes an iPhone 4 tick, which was pretty cool if your a tech-geek like I am, and got to try my hand at something new. It is no wonder that places like C.P.R. charge so much for labor...it is a PAIN if you have to do this more than once!

    Anyone else have any experience with switching out a screen? Or other component? How did it go? Any tips/tricks? Anyone with a shattered screen trying to decide how they should go about fixing it?
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    08-16-2011 10:17 AM
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    A friend dropped their phone on solid concrete. Shattered screen. They went to Apple genius bar and Apple gave them a new iPhone. Have you tried this over taking the entire phone apart?
    08-16-2011 11:26 AM
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    Apple wanted to charge the price of a new phone and Verizon wanted to charge $180. The good thing about it is I used to be a manager for the Geek Squad, and since we were supposed to be an authorized Apple repair/retailer we all had to do these online courses and got certificates stating we were authorized to repair/work on Apple products without voiding the warranty. Not sure if Apple will still honor that since I don't work for the Geek Squad anymore, but I doubt they'll ever notice anyways. The iPhone looks brand new now, no dents or scratches, so he plans on trading up to the new iPhone 5 when it releases.
    08-16-2011 01:59 PM