1. coolday's Avatar
    I have a iphone 4g with version 4.3.3(8J2) with baseband 04.10.01. The problem is that after transfering any cracked ipa file to the iphone it installs fine using installous but doesn't run. It springs up and goes back again.

    Whats wrong with my iphone?

    Please help ...... And this is my first post .... Any I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong section.

    08-13-2011 08:35 AM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    huh, that is very odd. let's see.. try throwing your phone up in the air as high as you can and let it hit the ground

    that should fix it. you're welcome
    08-13-2011 10:11 AM
  3. Massie's Avatar
    I think what BLiNK OS trying to say is: http://forums.tipb.com/jailbreak-unl...scussions.html

    The best/only advice you'll get here is that if you pay for your apps they will work just fine.
    08-13-2011 10:40 AM
  4. Handlebars's Avatar
    They don't like like pirates in this forums.
    08-13-2011 11:16 AM
  5. Fausty82's Avatar
    They don't like like pirates in this forums.
    That is true, any discussion of piracy (except to say it can't be discussed here) is verboten - and for good reason.

    The developers are worthy of compensation for their work. Piracy is stealing. And, morality aside, to "crack" an app requires that the code be modified "after the fact" - an activity that very well could destroy the integrity of the product... thus the "problems". The obvious fix is to BUY THE APP.
    08-13-2011 11:48 AM
  6. Peligro911's Avatar
    I'm gonna say it's not cracked if it don't work way easier to buy I mean is all the time trying to steal or crack and google because it doesn't work worth only 99 or even 199 or whatever I don't know bout anyone else but I consider my time worth way more than that.
    08-13-2011 02:00 PM
  7. poisoned10's Avatar
    I have a iphone 4g

    - Sent from my iPhone
    08-13-2011 09:54 PM