1. dispatcher307's Avatar
    I have a weird problem - for some reason my Exchange email stopped receiving mail yesterday. I came in to work this morning and had 10 new emails I never got on my iPhone. I'm not getting any error messages. If I go in and do a manual retrieve, it appears to check and comes back with nothing. To make it even more odd, I can go into one of my folders (that I don't have set up to fetch) and it will retrieve new mail I've filtered. I'm also able to send email no problem.

    I have three other email account - non-Exchange - Yahoo (2) and webmail - and they are working fine.

    I've tried resetting the phone, that didn't fix it. Old BlackBerry user here, that used to fix all ailments...lol.

    This is driving me crazy - any ideas???
    08-04-2011 07:01 AM
  2. sting7k's Avatar
    Delete the account and reload it. If that doesn't work contact your IT support and tell them you are not getting emails pushed to your iPhone. They should be able to check if something is wrong with the server.
    08-04-2011 10:08 AM
  3. dispatcher307's Avatar
    I got it fixed. In case anyone else has the issue, he's what I did. In Settings I turned off email, rebooted the phone and then turned it back on. It almost immediately synced my email messages back up. Not sure what the issue was, but that fixed it.
    08-04-2011 10:26 AM