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    I originally posted a thread asking for clarification between POP/IMAP settings on the iPhone and exchange issues (I had an exchange account for push notifications, syncing my calendar, and synching my contacts).

    I did some research and found out the differences between POP/IMAP. I realized that IMAP is really the only way to go. I was still experiencing issues with exchange giving me duplicate emails and various other annoying bugs. In all honesty I don't really need my emails to be pushed, plus it does drain the battery and I have a jailbroken iPhone with tons of tweaks so it helps to save as much battery as possible.

    So here is how I setup my phone and I'm hoping that this will help someone else.

    All my emails are with gmail so I just went to add my emails, selected gmail, entered my info. Setting up your email this way is, as far I read, the same as setting it up as an IMAP account. This way all my labels are synced, if I read an email on my phone it is marked as read on Google's servers, if I move an email to a label it does so on the server, etc.

    I simply went the my email account is the settings app and selected calendar. This way I don't need an exchange account and whenever I add an event from my phone or the computer they show up within seconds.

    Here is the biggest and most important thing I realized. If you use Google's Contacts with an exchange account you know that you can not add certain custom labels or for example multiple mobile telephone numbers. This was something that I found extremely annoying. But I found a way around it. Just open up iTunes and setup your contact to sync with Google, then sync your phone. And that's it.

    I know most people probably already know what I stated but I'm hoping that this will help someone.

    I feel so relieved, I finally have my phone setup exactly how I want it to.
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