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    Ok, I have a registered (on iTunes) iTouch 3rd gen. and want to register my wife's iPhone on that copy and next week will register my new iPhone there as well. I registered my wife's iPhone and want to uprgade to the latest software ver. on the iPhone. I have it set up with her name and all, before I can update the software I was asked to do a backup, the app's tab came up with her iphone with all apps' on the right side of the screen, on the left side was a list of all my apps on the touch....? How do I back-up her app's on that screen? I have 4 other iPods dating back to the Classic, but have never used iTunes, up to this point it has all been music and have been using Media Monkey for music(I really like it) and will continue to use it on the iPhone's.. I just want iTunes for software upgrades, apps, contacts etc....



    PS: This looks like the best board I found, if so, I will contribute.....
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    I don't know what you are asking exactly. If you are asking if you can use more then one item with your iTunes account the answer is yes. I have my iPhone 4, an iPod touch(1st gen), iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch(second gen), iPod nano(3rd gen), and iPod shuffle. All sync no problem.
    07-25-2011 04:16 PM