1. goardge's Avatar
    I tried replacing a digitizer on a iphone4 and cracked the LCD now I'm replacing the lcd and whe I put it all back together the lcd backlights but there is no display.
    The phone is working, i can press the home button and see the backlight comes on, I can swipe the digitizer and it unlocks.

    Now the part that is annoying my, I unhooked the digitizer and LCD and hooked up another one that I have, and it works perfectly, so I take the phone apart again and install that one, and lo and behold no display. Hook that one that I thought wasn't working back up, and it works.

    I'm getting pretty frustrated at this thing and the guy is getting impatient for getting his phone back.

    Anyone got anything for me to try?
    07-21-2011 12:22 PM