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    You're so easily frustrated, it's actually quite comical. And you continue with your personal shots, which is also funny (but a little more pitiful honestly). Your argument hasn't been furthered, just reiterated over and over again...it screams redundancy, but i will try to work through it.

    Fring has **** poor video chat...period. It doesn't matter what carrier you are on, or what part of the world you are in...it doesn't even come CLOSE to the quality of the WiFi standard Facetime native to the iPhone...there's simply no argument to that, and it's THE reason why there is no 3G facetime (yet).

    Then you go on and on and on about camera and picture sharing features...lol. Are these things the deal breaker for you? Bluetooth picture sharing? Really? Who doesn't use unlimited texting plans these days? A much more convenient outlet than having to stand in range with someone to share pictures...are you and your buddies all standing around in a circle just dying to see what pictures each other has? I don't find myself suffering through that kind of "epic down fall" as you have basically coined it...when i want to share a picture, i send an MMS...takes a few seconds, simple...no need to go through connecting to another phone manually, i simply send it and im done. You want a more labor intensive way of sharing pictures? Stick with the other hand sets your so passionately defending their "top shelf" technology for.

    Lastly, your comment about Apple ruining products with 20th century technology is simply hilarious...the only retort i have to that is that i finally figured out your purpose here...to stir the pot, kick up dust...troll a few threads with your opinion why Apple sucks...and then move on.

    And to that, i'm found my end with your "debate", its boring, redundant, and cannot be discussed because you think you're on top of the totem pole because you work in the industry (which is laughable, considering you're on a forum arguing consumer issues but using your professional status as a "trump card" against...wait for it...consumers.

    Troll away kiddo...your N95 must not be too interesting to you if you find time to spam up our forum with your "Grass is greener" posts.
    You really are up your own arse. Since when is text message an MMS? I don't think Apple sucks and it's clear you missed the whole point of my post, that I don't care for the ethos at apple that users HAVE to use Apple's products the way one man wants them to be used. i'm not a clone of Steve Jobs.

    You say I'm lying about Fring? It works fine on my handset and a couple of the guys I work with are all good too. I don't think I'm using my proffesional status as trump card against anything. Apple advertises these products for business as well as consumer level use. I use the product within my work also, and I've been able to get rid of a lot of legacy equipment as a result of buying it, both work and personal level. I have no problem with the hardware at all. It is the way tha Apple ignores what are seen as industry standards and slowly but surely introduces them over the years and announces them as if they are new inovations.

    You are the one who made this personal, you assume(d) that because someone had an opinion that was both made at apple and not to your liking, you took it upon yourself to brand me as someone who doesn't know what i'm talking about and stupid, something you have carried on with in every one of your replies, gives the impression of smugness. Quite ignorant to say you have never even met me! I aren't making any grass is greener posts. They are pure facts.

    As you're ever the intellectual, please, answer me these few questions (and yes they are about the same old points because they are the ONLY points I made).

    1. Why has OS X Lion only just started to use full screen windows?

    2. Why is something so trivial as picture albums now be implemented in IOS 5?

    3. Why is better camera processing software been implemenred in IOS 5?

    You answer me those with any substance at all and I will publicly retract my statement on this very thread. But I doubt you will be able to, as the reason is because of what I have been saying. Apple is too slow on the uptake to address the concerns of it's consumer.

    Unless you are able to do so, then I will be making no more comments on this thread.
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    Don't know where you're getting this "Apple is slow on the uptake" from. It's a known fact that every phone out on the market today has something that could be improved on. I also belong to a Blackberry and Android forum. Members there are no different than here, always wanting more and more. If you think Apple is behind in their OS, go look at some of the new Android devices that have been released recently that are still running 2.2 even though 2.3 has been out for quite a while now. No, IMHO, Apple is doing very well in terms of keeping the OS on their devices up to date.... Oh, and by the way, Nokia was starting to fade out long before the iPhone came into the picture....

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    Sorry, but 2007 was the year the N95 took off. Nokia's demise came about through releasing sub standard hardware running beta firmware (N97). They also turned alot of customers with the N900. They promised to support it and almost instantly dropped it. I still don't know what direction they're going in. First they announce partnership wirh Microsoft and then release a Meego powered device.......

    I've no argument on the updates, it's just that the software lacks some very basic functions that can have an impact on the users experience in my opinion. I do believe iphone and ipad are the best devices on the market, I'm not pro Nokia or pro anything, i y to use the best device for my needs.

    I agree with your comments with regard to Android, I bought my mother a HTC for Christmas and that came with 2.1 with an instant ugrade to 2.2 which is where that particular handset has stopped at.

    Like I've said, I own the products I'm talking about. How can I be slagging them off? If I thought they were poor product I'd of never have bought them, or at best sold them on.

    Just as an example, Ipad is advertised that it can be used as a digital photo frame but you can only show all or none at all, you can't select a particular album. Is it wrong to think that that functionality should be there?
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    There's really no point in arguing with him, he's not here for a discussion or a debate, he's here to complain on why he doesn't like Apple products...in other words, he's a troll.
    Stick it Sean, don't bother replying to my posts. I aint interested in a single thing you have to say, and I most definately don't go slagging you off to other forum members!!
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    Guys, if you can't respect one another I'm going to have to close this thread. Stay on topic without the insults.
    07-17-2011 02:09 PM
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    Guys, if you can't respect one another I'm going to have to close this thread. Stay on topic without the insults.
    I think that would be a good idea jeremy.
    07-17-2011 02:29 PM
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