1. jimmando's Avatar
    Hi, I'm a newbie here.
    I took a 20 minute video with my iphone 4 and can't get it downloaded onto my computer. I have tried syncing, drag and drop, copy and paste.
    Any other ideas would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.
    06-29-2011 09:06 AM
  2. jayhawkfan18's Avatar
    Maybe upload it to Dropbox? (on WiFi of course)
    06-29-2011 09:12 AM
  3. Chavista's Avatar
    normally you would connect it to your computer and use iPhoto or image capture to import the video, Bu if you having some issues for some reason try this app called videosafe.
    06-29-2011 03:24 PM
  4. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    When your phone is connected go to "My Computer" and you'll see the phone in the explorer. Just
    open it to where the file is located and then you can do the drag and drop.

    Assuming you're on Windows.
    06-29-2011 04:24 PM
  5. lilmoe's Avatar
    iFunbox is pretty fast.
    06-29-2011 04:28 PM
  6. iV1SHAL's Avatar
    iPhone explorer is what I use. Make sure you install afc2add from Cydia to let you browse your iPhone root with stability. Without it you will fine programs crashing during transfers.
    06-29-2011 06:11 PM
  7. AppsSolution's Avatar
    wifi will be slower than though the cable for sure, doesn't iPhoto does it for you?
    06-30-2011 06:26 AM
  8. pizzafootbal's Avatar
    Mac or PC? If Mac, use iPhoto
    06-30-2011 03:50 PM
  9. lydia331's Avatar
    I tried to copy some very large video files from my iPhone to my PC this week. They were 45 minute long videos, over a gig in size. I tried to use Windows Explorer to do it, but the copy kept failing. So I surfed around and found a free product that worked great, and I wanted to share it with you. Itís called Copy Trans. It copied all these big files into iTunes for me.
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    07-01-2011 03:59 AM
  10. paul100's Avatar
    Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable, open My Computer, your iPhone should be in the list of hard drives. Navigate down through the folders until you find your video, and copy the file like any other file.
    07-01-2011 08:09 AM
  11. jimmando's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the ideas.
    I have tried the connect with cable, MyComputer method. Fail.
    So I am grateful to hear of different software. I'll give a try and report back.
    07-05-2011 09:11 AM
  12. jimmando's Avatar
    copy trans did the job quickly and easily.
    Too bad iphone doesn't have software that works this well!!
    07-11-2011 11:28 AM
  13. bish0p34's Avatar
    +1 for Copytrans as well! It seems like videos over 5-6 minutes won't transfer from the phone for me. They always come out as 0kb and won't play. Copytrans has been far more reliable for me. I stopped using iTunes for music and use Copytrans to manage it instead.
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    07-13-2011 12:32 PM
  14. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    I use iFunbox, fast and convenient...but i've also never had transfer issues with iPhoto or iMovie when transferring videos either, so i don't know what Apple could do any better outside of maybe a quicker transfer rate through their native software.
    07-13-2011 01:29 PM
  15. jimmando's Avatar
    I know very little about software and data transfer, but it just seems lame to me that Apple software can't support the functionality they advertise, yet some other guy can write software that worked immediately.
    07-13-2011 04:22 PM
  16. Douglas Hero's Avatar
    LaunchPad > Other > ImageCapture. Select the long video. Select a place with a lot of space to put it. Click import wait for while while your mac works.
    05-11-2016 10:08 AM