1. MgnAngel's Avatar
    Hi everybody here on TiPB! love the website, I should be getting an Iphone 4 in July, I use to have the 3gs loved it, then wanted to try android and got the HTC Inspire liked it at first until the battery started draining like crazy and my data was being consumed while not even using it, which I know is from the background applications that were running but anyways I wanted to introduce myself, just turned 20 on the 27th! currently a student, studying graphic and web design, got myself an Audi A4(1999), and play Ps3( psn: ad_zion) and I live in San Diego....

    Wanted some help on a few things:

    White or Black?

    Which case do you guys recommend?

    Car options?

    Favorite applications?

    Jailbreak or wait on iOs 5?

    Thanks in advance for any help, tips or advice(is that fall into "help" category? lol"
    06-28-2011 12:18 PM
  2. rayz336's Avatar
    I've got the black iPhone and use an Incipio Double Cover Case. If your car has a cassette deck, you could find a cassette adapter for $5-15. My favorite apps are Pandora, Netflix, Google Voice, Skype, and Beejive for Facebook chat. If you really want to customize your phone then jailbreak it, there are many tweaks available.
    06-28-2011 01:49 PM
  3. lilmoe's Avatar
    Black for me.. It just seems sleeker. I'd recommend the Case Mate Barely There or the Invisible Shield from Zagg if you don't like added bulk (just don't drop your phone with an invisible case). I can't think of a really important car accessory.. other than a charger. Apps depend on how you use your phone. For me, its all about Beejive IM, Facebook and Twitter. Stay on iOS 4 and jailbreak it.
    06-28-2011 04:41 PM
  4. vthokies's Avatar
    I love the black iPhone. It just looks better than the white one. I have an Otterbox case, and it's a really nice, protective case. I have a radio tuner for my iPhone, since my car doesn't have an AUX jack. The apps I use a lot are Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Bejeweled, Flixster, Dictionary, Solitaire, and The Weather Channel. Since I'm not comfortable with jailbreaking my phone, I'd wait until iOS5.
    06-28-2011 07:02 PM
  5. Purple4's Avatar
    Both are great. I have had both, I think that the white looks prettier. Otterbox is the best for protection.
    06-28-2011 09:10 PM
  6. jayhawkfan18's Avatar
    Black iphone 4 is my preference
    A Bumper is nice protection without the added bulk
    For the car you need a charger
    Handy apps are Dropbox, Beejive for GTalk, Beluga, Mailroom, eWallet, Skyfire, MyWi
    Definitely Jailbreak

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    06-28-2011 09:13 PM
  7. gunhunter's Avatar
    Black looks more sleek imo
    For cases, i recommend the original bumper cuz it feels really good when holding the phone, or a caze 5 matte, which i am using atm
    As mentioned already, a car charger should be useful if you're out all day/night.
    My favorite app is pulse reader, brings feeds from your favorite websites to one place, also if you use google mail/contacts/calendar, you can consider setting up google as exchange, which pushes your gmails and syncs your contacts over the air nicely...
    Stock iOS is good enough, but if you do feel you need added functions/tweaks like messing with homescreens, a more informative lockscreen, cool homescreen transitions, themes, quick reply SMS, then jailbreak is the way to go
    06-29-2011 02:54 AM
  8. Solar Joke's Avatar
    I like black one. But it depends, are you a girl or a boy? I like Audi too. Ha!
    06-29-2011 05:28 AM
  9. Ham Solo's Avatar
    I vote for the white iPhone 4. Switcheasy's TRIM case in white shows it off nicely.
    06-29-2011 08:47 AM
  10. iV1SHAL's Avatar
    Black iPhone incase snap case. Arkon car mount. Belkin dual USB car charger. 3.5mm aux cable. Sorted.
    06-29-2011 09:21 AM
  11. avery's Avatar
    I love the white! I still have a 3Gs but the white iPhone 4 would be my pick!
    06-29-2011 11:33 AM
  12. calebmudd's Avatar
    Black iPhone all the way, mainly cause it was the only option when I got mine
    Apple bumper for me and Twitter and Pulse as far as apps go!!
    06-29-2011 11:07 PM
  13. pizzafootbal's Avatar
    The white iPhone is going to stand out, I'm assuming you've already decided iPhone 4, but you do know that the iPhone 5 is coming out soon, right?
    06-30-2011 10:30 AM
  14. vietalogy's Avatar
    I would get a white one since it's out.
    My favorite case would be switcheasy rebel works great with seidio innocase holster. I would leave the os at 4.3.3 and jailbreak.

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    06-30-2011 10:49 AM
  15. mobilelover's Avatar
    Hi there Black brings classy look but white gives you some from fresh look.
    But there is always a chance to white dirty soon, I recommend black.

    There is also one more thing the unlocked ones are available now so go for it.
    07-02-2011 10:19 PM