1. Chavista's Avatar
    Am kind a curious, I have unlimited Data Plan on at&t with iPhone 4, I have had it since August last year, I just went into the settings/usage and looked at my overall cellular data usage was Sent: 1.9 GB and Received: 31.9 GB. I Have never done a reset.
    Would be quite interesting to see other people data usage and when they got their iPhone.
    06-27-2011 05:14 PM
  2. rayz336's Avatar
    I got mine on Feb. 7th but have had to restore it since then. I'm pretty sure my usage is probably upwards of 50gb since then.
    06-27-2011 06:39 PM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    I reset mine every month. I average about 1.6 GB's a month
    06-27-2011 06:59 PM
  4. iV1SHAL's Avatar
    Reset mine regularly but I average probably about 4gb a month gotta love tethering
    06-27-2011 07:34 PM
  5. BigLan's Avatar
    I reset mine every month also. Because I work in a office I listen Pandora or some other radio app all day; along with plugging it into my music player when I get home. Add this to Emails, Texting, and updates from Apple and I do about 10-12GB a month easy. I'm so glad I have unlimited data
    06-27-2011 07:36 PM
  6. tlo07's Avatar
    Holy smokes! I only use about 400 mb/mo! I guess I'm not getting my money's worth out of my unlimited data, am I?
    06-27-2011 09:08 PM
  7. dmt316's Avatar
    Holy smokes! I only use about 400 mb/mo! I guess I'm not getting my money's worth out of my unlimited data, am I?
    nope. im only at about 1 GB. Gotta start listening to Pandora more, haha
    06-27-2011 09:24 PM
  8. Nanci's Avatar
    Hmmm. I have unlimited. I feel like I am using the phone for _something_ virtually all the time I am awake. However, I am on wifi at work and at home, and much of the time when I'm out, I'm so far out in the sticks I can't use data. I've used 3.9GB and sent 607MB. Had this phone for 18 months.
    06-28-2011 08:38 AM
  9. Ringfinger's Avatar
    I average 2-3 GB a month.
    06-28-2011 10:53 AM
  10. phinx404's Avatar
    1.4gb dl
    0.3gb ul
    06-28-2011 02:30 PM
  11. touchyphone's Avatar
    I reset every month, I'm about 1.6 - 3.1 GB /month
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    06-28-2011 03:42 PM
  12. canguler87's Avatar
    Dont trust to the data counter of iPhone it changes and differs day by day. Sometimes increasing by itself.. Sometimes decreasing as well Make the 'airbag' for your internet contract.
    06-28-2011 07:09 PM
  13. vthokies's Avatar
    I've used 44.63 MB out of 200 MB this month.
    06-28-2011 07:25 PM
  14. Solar Joke's Avatar
    I will use 100-200M every month, purely by reading novels. It is so big because there are a lot of ads..
    06-29-2011 06:30 AM
  15. Brucew0617's Avatar
    always left about 10G free space.
    06-30-2011 03:59 AM
  16. swsmpbaby985's Avatar
    2,024.1 MB of Unlimited and 2,841 Messages of Unlimited
    06-30-2011 08:39 AM
  17. pizzafootbal's Avatar
    I got mine in August and have only gone over my 200MB limit once, and I almost even went over 400MB
    06-30-2011 04:47 PM
  18. touchyphone's Avatar
    always left about 10G free space.
    Data used, as in cellular transmition, not phone free space!

    But why so much free space, fill that sucker up!
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    06-30-2011 06:22 PM
  19. lydia331's Avatar
    I reset mine every month. I average about 1.6 GB's a month
    So am I. I reset mine every month.
    07-01-2011 04:52 AM
  20. paul100's Avatar
    I reset mine every month. I average about 2.5 to 3 GB's a month
    07-01-2011 09:14 AM
  21. y8friv's Avatar
    I average 4 GB a month.
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    07-01-2011 12:37 PM
  22. anneemonster's Avatar
    Sent 3.2 and received 51.7
    07-02-2011 01:10 PM
  23. Eileen89's Avatar
    I'm still on a grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T, the most data that I have used in a month is a little over 300MB. This is mostly consumed while tethering my iPhone 4 with my iPad 2.
    07-02-2011 01:25 PM
  24. Handlebars's Avatar
    4.1 gb sent
    26.4 received
    07-03-2011 12:55 AM
  25. marlick's Avatar
    average 1,5-2 GB a month.
    07-03-2011 02:46 PM
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