1. ricewing's Avatar
    I'm having trouble doing general housekeeping on my iPhone 3gs-16gig.
    Ever since I got a new win7 laptop, it's been a year, I've had trouble. Things worked fine with my old laptop.
    Most of the time when I plug in my iPhone, the setup screen comes up. I can only setup as a new phone, or backup to a previous time. I don't know if I have a good backup. Backups seem to fail evertime I try.
    On the left side of iTunes, where my iPhone is listed, if I right click on it, my only option is eject.
    Only occasionally does the screen pop up where I can edit the contents of my phone, music, vids, apps.
    It's so frustrating!! I hate syncing with my laptop, It's always a crap shoot.

    I'm eligible to upgrade, through ATT, to an iPhone4. If I did this, and set it up as a new phone, would I then be able to just drag my apps and music, etc. to the new phone?
    06-09-2011 10:51 AM