1. john.woody's Avatar
    On my phone if I call someone who's line is busy I get a call back and a cancel button. My wife doesn't and she would like it. How do I switch this on for her?
    06-08-2011 04:22 AM
  2. Wiltron's Avatar
    iOS Device and version? Is she Jailbroken?
    06-08-2011 08:47 AM
  3. john.woody's Avatar
    iPhone 4 version 4.3.3 not jailbroken
    06-08-2011 10:09 AM
  4. Wiltron's Avatar
    I used my work phone to call a known automated service, then used my iPhone to call my work phone so that it would ring through as "busy" and I got the screen just fine.

    Also on 433 but am Jailbroken - I don't see how JB would effect it, but at the same time, my test is flawed. Any others able to test it?

    Have you tried restoring as a new device?
    06-08-2011 12:35 PM