1. andyokc's Avatar
    My friend used to do server installs & trainings for a floundering tech company. He expensed a $300 DeWalt cordless drill he purchased just to drill just 4 holes in a server rack. Since he was out of town and didn't want to have to try & pack it for the flight home, he just left it there for the local maintenance guy.
    06-05-2011 03:28 PM
  2. nekomeow's Avatar
    The most expense I've ever had was on some Tokidoki boots that were about $160. Tokidoki stuff are expensive! o-o lol

    Oh.... btw, me wants an iphone please!!! ^c^/
    06-05-2011 03:55 PM
  3. iSaLiH's Avatar
    Well, the craziest thing I have ever put on a expense report or invoice....would be all the gadgets and accessories I buy, on the monthly bases. Why? The thing is, I'm from Bosnia & Herzegovina (for those of you who don't know: a country in Southern Europe, former Yugoslavia ) and in my country, it's nearly impossible to legally buy most of the gadgets and accessories... since I'm a real gadget addict, or to be precise a geek, I'm forced to improvise and find a way to get the gadgets I crave for. So, I usually contact friends and family from abroad to use their credit cards and buy the things I bid for, or the things I order (I give them money, when they come to Bosnia) because in Bosnia it's not an easy task, actually it's nearly impossible to shop online, people tell me I'm crazy, because I order stuff from around the world, and usually don't believe me when I say, this arrived from USA, Bangkok, London, Berlin... some of the things I bought using this method.....in 2006, I contacted a friend from Austria to buy me all sorts of accessories for my Sony Ericsson phones, like external flash MXE-60, Micro Travel Charger CMT-60, special PIVOT silicone cases, card readers...and other accessories that weren't available on the Bosnian market; in 2007, I contacted a friend from America, to buy me a phone from Thailand, on e-Bay (i-mobile 902, an 8 MP camera phone with a CCD Sony sensor in it), and the phone arrived in 10 days...do I need to say that the phone was an eye-catcher with it's 8 MP CCD lens in 2007... last year I contacted a cousin from Sweden to buy me a Sony Ericsson MW60 Stereo Bluetooth headphones (an item that's impossible to buy in Bosnia), a friend from America to buy me a NIKON D5000 DSLR (because here, we usually get refurbished DSLR's here), a former neighbor who now lives in Croatia to buy me a Sony Ericsson C901 (a phone that was available only on selected markets), and an iPhone 3GS (in Bosnia, iPhone is available only on the black market)... and the list goes on... anyway... I'm the type of person who is determined to get the things he wants... shortly after the war, I used to walk for 2 hours, almost every week, to get to the nearest UN base, where the only Music Shop was located, just so I could buy few music CD's.

    p.s. Hope this giveaway is international, because I really want a white iPhone 4 (here in my country, one can only buy a black iPhone 4 (unlocked by the Gewey SIM) on the black market, with an insanely high price tag)
    06-05-2011 05:35 PM
  4. thesconix's Avatar
    The craziest thing I've seen is a new TV.
    06-05-2011 06:12 PM
  5. reebs's Avatar
    Once I put down mileage to go to Krispy Kreme donuts for a "meeting" I kept the donuts for myself
    06-05-2011 06:39 PM
  6. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...that is HILARIOUS!

    Once I put down mileage to go to Krispy Kreme donuts for a "meeting" I kept the donuts for myself
    06-05-2011 07:28 PM
  7. dbogus1's Avatar
    A helicopter ride...
    06-05-2011 07:32 PM
  8. tperlmutter's Avatar
    Once heard a rumor at work about a guy who expensed $65,000 on clients to woo them for a multi-million dollar contract. It was a very sketchy list of line items from the stories.
    06-05-2011 08:02 PM
  9. samha75's Avatar
    Three Yankees game tickets that were four rows behind home plate. The tickets were scalped. I justified it by noting the clients flew all the way in from Korea and no one knew they liked the Yankees until that day.
    06-05-2011 09:46 PM
  10. sumtymes's Avatar
    Not so crazy but my computer mouse.
    06-05-2011 09:47 PM
  11. sbeven's Avatar
    I once saw a trip to Vegas and a receipt for drinks at a strip club on an itemized expense report I was reviewing. True story.
    06-05-2011 10:17 PM
  12. codycha126's Avatar
    A blackberry
    06-05-2011 10:20 PM
  13. minsun116's Avatar
    A palm pre
    06-05-2011 10:44 PM
  14. saintroc's Avatar
    the craziest thing i put in an expense report was a candy necklace
    06-05-2011 10:48 PM
  15. cpxnathan's Avatar
    So it was my friend's 3rd anniversary with his girlfriend and she wanted a purse that was more than 1,000 dollars....long story short it got ran over and for some reason stolen afterwards....
    06-05-2011 11:25 PM
  16. eallan's Avatar
    A couple text books and a fire code copy for 2010!
    06-05-2011 11:25 PM
  17. failurbydesign's Avatar
    Hot dog buns....
    06-06-2011 12:05 AM
  18. insman1's Avatar
    Took a client to an adult entertainment venue. Drinks and whatever, and listed it as food. Goot busted when the name of the place got me. Oh well, nothing ventured, nthing gained...
    06-06-2011 01:21 AM
  19. Novie's Avatar
    a mattress from costcos!
    06-06-2011 01:27 AM
  20. zather's Avatar
    This is a great
    I want to win this for my brother
    06-06-2011 01:37 AM
  21. gfountaine's Avatar
    Tickets to a fashion show in Atlanta. I wanted to recruit one of the models <g>
    06-06-2011 03:31 AM
  22. jivs_x's Avatar
    Not really, though if i had an opportunity, i probably would get away with it lol

    Once upon a time, when i was on holiday, i was asked if i could come back and go to London for work, they were pretty desperate about it and weren't looking for anyone else to go, my family had always wanted to go to London, so i asked if i could take my family with me. In a rush, they told me to do whatever i wanted to do, as long as i got to London in 48 hours, so after 3 weeks, i expensed an all expense trip to the UK, though work was only for a day, we stayed back, return flight tickets, hotel accommodation, all meals, and shopping all on the corporate credit card. I was asked to explain myself, and i said that i had to choose between work and the happiness of my family, i would have chosen my family, but i was begged to go to London, so i chose both, since it was a successful two days in London. They not only let me get away with the expense, but also gave me a travel allowance of 300 GBP per day for 3 weeks as a bonus!

    Next time, a LLAMA! haha
    06-06-2011 04:14 AM
  23. rscholz#IM's Avatar
    Four pink flamenco lawn ornaments.
    06-06-2011 06:21 AM
  24. Ollie2T's Avatar
    10 inch heels, a beefburger and a lugnot... All from the same shop
    06-06-2011 06:52 AM
  25. Hosehead's Avatar
    Rented a nightclub.
    06-06-2011 08:18 AM
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